Cell Phones & Conference Calls: Low Tech Tip

HeadphonesWhile not often, there are times when I am required to participate in a conference call using my cell phone. Unfortunately, because I am using a cell phone, I don’t exactly have that “hear a pin drop” sound quality. ¬†Inevitably, I lose bits and pieces of the conversation, mostly due to low volume. The more I lose, the less engaged I am as a listener, and ultimately contributor to the call. Here’s how I have conquered this problem.

If you have a cell phone that allows you use a headphone jack (typically used for listening to music), plug your computer speakers into it (typically they use the same size jack) and crank the volume to the point at which you feel like you are sitting next to those speaking. If you happen to be in a location where can’t blast your sound (cubicle), then just plug your headphones in and continue to hold the headset to your ear so you can speak when needed.

You’ll be surprised at how the increased volume will help you focus more on the conversation at hand.

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